Hey! :) I'm considering applying to Brown and I was wondering how strong the English department is? I was looking at the concentration list and it looks like there is a range of things from lit to linguistics to just general English, which is cool. Also, what about foreign languages? :) Thank you so much! (asked by dwerbus)

Hey yourself! I don’t know much about the English department because I haven’t taken a class in it yet, but from what I hear it is a great concentration. The classes seem really interesting and very broad in their subjects. My friend is a linguistics concentrator and actually wants to go to grad school for Historical Linguistics, so he has taken Akkadian, Coptic, and is in my Middle Egyptian class. So in terms of foreign languages, Brown has a lot, surprisingly a ton of ancient languages like Coptic, Akkadian, Middle Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Mayan, and Latin. Brown has a really strong Portuguese Department and a strong Spanish Department. If you have an interest in foreign languages, Brown is great because the classes are so small and a lot of people start off on the same level, with no previous experience (for languages like Hindi, Mayan, etc). Hope this helps!

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